Steve Fotion

Steve Fotion Masters Ribbon.JPG

In the fall of 2017, Steve was in the midst of training for a strong man competition. Two weeks before the competition, he suffered an injury that was significantly limiting his ability to train, and if left unaddressed, would also limit his performance in competition. So, he came into see Dr. Tanice and they worked together to get him back into competition condition in less than 10 days. Steve has graciously given his permission to share this story as well as a message that he sent to Tanice during the competition. 

"Body feels great!!! 3 first place finishes today, 2 events tomorrow. You do great work!!! Thanks."

The following day, he sent the above picture to let Tanice know how day 2 went. As you can see, Steve was in top competition shape and day 2 went very well!

"Way to go Steve! I am so happy to help you achieve your goals and am very proud of your accomplishments!" -Tanice

Tanice Kitchener