A Family Affair

I apologize for the length but promise it's worth the read. Dr. Tanice Kitchener has been working with my family since 2010. We have a wide spectrum of needs. An intense male athlete, a child/teenage athlete, a young child, and a work in progress weight-loss mother.


It started with my husband Driss when he decided to take up running. He went from running one block to placing in the top 1% in his half and full marathons. So he was in much need of physical therapy. Tanice helped him learn his body and how to cope with all the different needs of his new extreme lifestyle. With her help he was able to travel the world with his new found love for running and keep him running with ease. She has also treated his back with cupping and it gave him great relief.


Tanice has helped treat my daughter Jenna from age 12 till current she is currently 17. She has chronic pain in her shoulder and neck that creates other issues. They have not been able to diagnose her with an exact cause or reason. Tanice was able to refer her to a amazing people who have helped bring her much needed short term relief. Jenna said to tell you all, "That Dr. Kitchener is amazing at cupping and that it gives her great range of motion in her shoulder."


Now we come to myself. I made some life changes and during my weight loss adventure I was working on all of my body and was neglecting my back to find out later. I was getting a horrible pain and she preformed dry needling on me once in 2012-13ish and it gave me so much relief. I have felt that point a few times since then and it reminds me how much she has helped me and that I should pay her a visit again for the simple pleasure of it.


And along the way of all of this a young boy was introduced into the mix. He is a healthy bouncing boy. Although he hasn't needed therapy he has had to attend sessions occasionally and she takes a minute to make him feel like part of process and has such great kid handling skills. So she truly has it all. She has also treated my mother in law who has neuropathy in her feet due to diabetes and she was pleased with her gifted hands.




Dr. Tanice Kitchener has amazing hands, skills, and compassion for her patients when you are with her for treatment you feel like you are truly the only person there and that's hard to say about most people. She truly wants to improve your body and teach you how to maintain the final results of your treatment. Physical therapy is a work in progress you have to put in time and effort to get the most of it. Tanice adds in a few specialties like the dry needling and cupping that adds some instant relief for most and if its continued occasionally you really can maintain relief. And if she isn't able to give you the relief needed she has built up an amazing arsenal of referrals to some amazing treatments and techniques. Tanice truly wants what is best for her clients. Give her a chance you will not regret it.

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